Tournament Prep Policy

Policy is generally considered to be the most advanced form of debate, and is certainly the most open in terms of strategy.  In policy debate, a resolution lasts an entire year.  The affirmative team presents a plan that addresses the requirements of the resolution.  The current resolution, for example, states that “The United States federal government should substantially increase its transportation infrastructure investment in the United States.”  So a policy team may present a plan in which the government invests a certain amount of money into high-speed rail.  The negative side of the debate must present reasons why the plan proposed by the affirmative is a bad idea.  Since the number of possible plans is essentially unlimited, policy requires a great deal of research and preparation.  Policy also has the most jargon and allows off-case arguments such as Kritiks (pronounced ‘critiques’) and Theory arguments.  In addition, top level debaters often spread, or speed-read, their cases, which requires the competing students to have highly developed thinking, listening, and speaking skills.  The Kudos policy team did not begin until fall of 2012.  Our students have already won the prestigious Harker Invitational tournament, and closed out the novice division at the recent Cal Lutheran Tournament.   For more information on policy debate, please view the FAQ.

Tournament Prep Overview

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