Tournament Prep PF

Students in this class prepare for competition in public forum debate, and compete against students from other schools in middle and high school tournaments.  Enrollment in this class ensures that your child has the support and training necessary to compete at the very highest level in the event, and to achieve the maximum positive outcomes that his or her talent permits. Resources include thousands of articles, cards and briefs, access to coach generated topic breakdowns as well as commercial handbooks such as victory briefs, foundation briefs, big sky briefs, and more.  PF resolutions change every month, and recent ones have addressed such matters as climate change, middle east foreign policy, and fiscal policy.  So students in PF are educated in a broad range of subject matter.  PF is generally considered easier to learn than either policy or LD, but competition in the event is at least as stiff.  Indeed, debaters in this event often face the largest fields of competitors.  For more information on public forum debate, please view the FAQ.

Tournament Prep Overview

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