Tournament Prep LD

Lincoln-Douglas, or LD, is one of two advanced forms of debate taught at Kudos.  LD is one-on-one value debate.  This means that while an LD resolution may, like a PF or Policy resolution, focus on matters of public policy, the issues are framed in normative terms.  For example, a recent resolution asked whether justice requires the recognition of animal rights.  In order to argue the resolution, a student must present a case that either the affirmation or negation of the resolution best upholds the value implicit in the resolution – in this case, the value of justice.  LD resolutions change every two months.  Lincoln-Douglas has perhaps the steepest learning curve of any form of debate.  Success in this event requires that a student have a good working understanding of major ethical philosophies.  The LD tournament prep class teaches this background knowledge and also instructs students in how to apply this understanding to specific resolutions in order to achieve victory.  As in all of our tournament prep classes, students receive access to copious materials, as well as individuated coaching on cases, briefs, and round strategies.  For more information on Lincoln-Douglas debate, please view the FAQ.

Tournament Prep Overview

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