Tournament Prep IE

The individual events, or IE, class prepares Kudos students for competition in speech events.  In this class, students prepare and polish one or more speech events to perform in competition at middle school league, middle school invitational, and high school invitational tournaments.  For middle school students, individual events offered at league tournaments change each quarter.

However, each event prepared can be used throughout the year at high school invitationals, middle school invitationals, and middle school nationals.  Our goal is to ensure that the speech students have a number of different events prepared and polished for competition, maximizing their potential for winning awards at any given tournament.

Kudos students have experienced great success in events such as OO, expository, extemporaneous, impromptu, prose, and more.  Many of the students in the IE class also participate in one of the debate prep classes, though some prefer to focus on speech events exclusively.

Tournament Prep Overview

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