SCJFL 1st Quarter Debate Tournament at La Reina High School Results »

Ninety-five students from seven schools attended the first quarter SCJFL debate tournament at La Reina High School.

In Policy debate, Matthew Zhang and George Zhang finished in first place, and Caleb Lee and Andrew Sinsioco finished in second place. George was the top speaker.

In Public Forum debate, William Chang and Benny Tong finished in fourth place, and Nanette Zhang and Emma Chen finished in sixth place.


(William Chang and Emma Chen)

York Tang and Ivan Lin finished with a 3-1 record but narrowly missed placing on tiebreakers.

Abigail Fang was third speaker, and Christina Feng was fourth speaker. Nanette was seventh speaker, and William tenth speaker.

Congratulations to our Kudos students for their hard work in this challenging competition!

Caleb Lee CX w/ Andrew 2nd
Andrew Sinsioco CX w/ Caleb 2nd
George Zhang CX w/ Matthew 1st
Matthew Zhang CX w/ George 1st
George Zhang CX 1st speaker
William Chang PF w/ Benny 4th
Benny Tong PF w/ William 4th
Emma Chen PF w/ Nanette 6th
Nanette Zhang PF w/ Emma 6th
York Tang PF w/ Ivan 3-1 record
Ivan Lin PF w/ York 3-1 record
William Chang PF 10th speaker
Nanette Zhang PF 7th speaker
Christina Feng PF 4th speaker
Abigail Fang PF 3rd speaker


(Andrew Sinsioco, George Zhang, Benny Tong, William Chang, Emma Chen)



(York Tang and Ivan Lin)




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Kudos Speech Team Won Championships in Two Events out of Five! First Speech Tournament at Jefferson Middle School – October 21, 2016 »

On October 21st, 2016, Kudos Speech Tournament Team participated in the first speech tournament of the 2016-2017 school year at Jefferson Middle School.

Our students did a wonderful job within four categories: Storytelling, Prose, Impromptu and Duo.

The competition was strong, particularly for the first tournament of the year, but our Kudos students were up to the challenge! Coaches Kalmus, Hacela, and Steinle were all on-site to support our performers.


Marissa Li, Shala Lin, Matthew Li, Darren Kuo, and Sharon Liu

8th grader Sharon Liu was the 1st place winner for Impromptu. Her quick thinking and excellent examples helped her to succeed in the competition and achieve fantastic results. Last May as a 7th grader she won Championship in Impromptu at the Fullerton Spring Tournament.

6th grader Selina Ho also won 1st place in the Storytelling category, and 7th grader Emma Sieh placed 4th place overall in Storytelling. Their clever delivery and poise made them stand out in the competition and shine in their performances.


Sharon Liu, coach Alison Kalmus, Selina Ho, and Emma Sieh

Kudos students have a strong track record of performing well at tournaments. Last year at St. Rita School tournament, Darren Kuo won 1st place and Margaret Li won 3rd place in Impromptu; Christina Xu and Cassie Kuo won 1st and 2nd place in Storytelling. Lilly Johnson won 2nd Place in Storytelling at Principios Tournament. Selina Ho has earned multiple top prizes across several interpretive events during the past two years.

All of these bright students started with Kudos in our elementary training from 4th or 5th grade, and have already seen the fruit of their labors only a couple years later to be invited into the prestigious Kudos Middle School Tournament Team. Kudos introduces all students to many different categories in our elementary survey classes, so that when they are ready to compete by middle school, they have a firm understanding not only of the rules, but of the principles of speaking well and effectively.

These young students, along with all of our team members, worked very hard under the guidance of our teachers and coaches, and their efforts have paid off. Our Kudos students are now preparing themselves for the next competition, and look forward to it with great anticipation.

Congratulations to all!


Christina Xu and Cassie Kuo (Duo team)


Margaret Li (Storytelling)


Darren Kuo and Sharon Liu (Impromptu)


Selina Ho receiving her trophy for Storytelling


Irwin Li (Prose)


Shala Lin (Impromptu)


Anvitha Kosari (Prose)

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Kudos戲劇班隆重招生, 將演出愛麗絲夢遊仙境。 »


Kudos青少年領袖培訓專校的英語戲劇班刻正熱烈招收二至七年級學生,以公演世界名劇「愛麗絲夢遊仙境」(Alice in Wonderland jr.) ,歡迎家長及早報名,電話 (626)286-6889。學生無須戲劇或歌舞經驗,只要願意學習,劇中十多個主要角色等待華裔子女擔綱。


Kudos 戲劇班今年五月成功推出校園名劇「上學樂翻天」(Schoolhouse Rock Live!),令社區人士刮目相看,現在更上一層樓,挑戰世界名劇,期盼華裔學生報名!

專校校長Laura Lin 表示,此次招生的課程前半期將側重於訓練學生的聲音、演技、台詞、歌唱等基本劇場技能,並透過扮演角色以及戲劇遊戲建立自信心及發展空間智能。後半期更將加強舞蹈及團隊演出的實力、走位 、了解劇場演出幕後任務、並排演「愛麗斯夢遊仙境」歌舞劇。

林校長說,此課程教師兼導演Tarah Arnold大學主修英文、副修劇場,曾在Santa Monica研究經典戲劇場景近兩年,在洛杉磯的Acme Theatre Group 及好萊塢的Improv Olympic 研習即興表演。曾演出廣告與影片。

十年來教導的學生從幼稚園到高中生都有。在Kudos教戲劇與口語技巧。 學生們喜歡這位長相甜美、個性溫柔、充滿創意的女老師。上年度演出精彩,今年再重執導演重任。

Kudos青少年領袖培訓專校的報名專線電話:(626) 286-6889。

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Drama Class – Schoolhouse Rock Live »

Kudos 戲劇班2011年五月成功推出校園名劇 [校園樂翻天] (Schoolhouse Rock Live!) ,令社區人士刮目相看,現在更上一層樓,挑戰世界名劇 [愛麗絲夢遊仙境] 。 此影片為演出 [校園樂翻天]精采照片集錦,和我們一起觀賞並歡迎於影片下方點選報名連結。

Click Here for Course Registration

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