4/22/2017 Claremont Wolfcub Middle School Speech and Debate Tournament »

Claremont Wolfcub Middle School Tournament:

Two-hundred, fifty-seven students from twenty-one schools attended the Claremont Wolfcub Middle School Tournament at Claremont High School.

In public forum debate, Abigail Fang and Grace Jin were quarterfinalists (top 8). Nathan Chu and Margaret Li and Clement Chen and York Tang were one of twenty teams recognized for having a 4-2 record or better. Samuel Tong received 7th speaker and Grace received 5th speaker.

Justin Hong won 13rd place in Congress

In Lincoln-Douglas (LD) debate, Aaron Zhang and Aaron Lee were quarterfinalists (top 8). Aaron Zhang was also named 3rd speaker and Ethan Chang was 10th speaker.

In congressional debate, Selina Ho and Justin Hong were finalists (top 15).

Selina Ho was placed in 12th place while Justin Hong was placed in 13rd place.
Selina Ho won 12th place in Congress with coach Mr. Ro

Claremong Debate award

Abigail Fang PF w/ Grace Quarters (top 8)
Grace Jin PF w/ Abigail Quarters (top 8)
Margaret Li PF w/ Nathan Honorable mention (top 20)
Nathan Chu PF w/ Margaret Honorable mention (top 20)
Clement Chen PF w/ York Honorable mention (top 20)
York Tang PF w/ Clement Honorable mention (top 20)
Samuel Tong PF 7th speaker
Grace Jin PF 5th speaker
Aaron Zhang LD Quarters (top 8)
Aaron Lee LD Quarters (top 8)
Aaron Zhang LD 3rd speaker
Ethan Chang LD 10th speaker
Selina Ho Congress Finals (top 15)
Justin Hong Congress Finals (top 15)

In Speech, Sharon Liu was 4th place in Impromptu.
Sharon Liu won 4th place in Imrpomptu, Selina Ho won Championship in Storytelling

Selina Ho was Champion in Storytelling.
Selina and coach Ms.K sharing the great news

Cassie Kao was also Champion in Prose and Poetry.
Christina and Cassie- Cassie won champion in Prose and Poetry

Congratulations speech team!!! What a glorious tournament ~~~

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Santa Clara University Philalethic Invitational »

Nine-hundred, sixty-eight students from seventy schools attended the Santa Clara University Philalethic Invitational during the last weekend in March.

Ten Kudos students were among them—most were middle school students competing in fields of nearly exclusively high school students.

Despite this, Kudos students managed to earn recognition. In varsity Lincoln-Douglas debate, Nikhil Navare reached the doubles round (top 32), and Braden Wong won Championship in congressional debate.

Nikhil Navare Varsity LD Doubles (top 32)
Braden Wong Congressional Debate Championship

Bradon Wong and Coach Mr. Wheeler - SCU 1st place in Congress

Santa Clara Sandra


Santa Clara girls lunch

Santa Clara York and Ivan

Santa Clara dinner

santa clara

Santa Clara on the van

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2017 March 10th, Primaria Scrimmage, hosted by Haddon Elementary school »

3月10號,所有小學進階班的學生一致參與了位於Haddon 小學所舉辦的小學演講辯論邀請賽, 共有60位選手同台競賽,而來自核桃市和爾灣校區的學生家長更是熱烈出席,不只全程陪伴每位學生,更一起體驗了這次比賽的激烈。

在即席辯論的部分,參賽者眾, 競爭十分激烈與漫長。但爾灣校區四年級的Zhian Xu, 憑著清晰邏輯與機智反應,比賽過程充分利用事實與數據,加上大方的態度,因此第一次比賽就奪冠,讓指導老師與家長均喜出望外。
同班同學Ava Ye與核桃校區的Franklin Zhu則並列第二。
Franklin Zhu於去年第一次比賽也是奪冠,這次繼續保持前三名的好成績,相當難得。

第一名:Zhian Xu
第二名:Ava Ye 和 Franklin Zhu
第四名:Alisha Zhao
第六名:Vivian Lu
第八名:Victoria Fang
第九名:Sidney Tsai
Zhian Xu-1st Place in Spar

Ava Ye-2nd place in SPAR

Franklin Zhu

Alisha Zhao

Sidney Tsai

在即席演講這項目,每位學生在比賽前三分鐘才得知題目, 並得在有限的準備時間內迅速整理思緒,並立刻上台做演說,因此可謂是所有演講辯論的項目裡面難度最高的。
來自天普市的Katelyn Gan 人小志氣高, 雖才四年級,但完全不怯場,儀態大方, 說話振振有詞, 連續三回合都奪得評審青睞,最後抱走第一名獎盃。

第二名:Justin Chen
第三名:Bryan Gao
第四名:Kameron Pham
第五名:Ethan Wang
第六名:Nicole Wang
第七名:Lorraine Wu

Alisha Zhao+Katelyn Gan+Victoria Fang+Ava Ye+Vivian Lu


Kameran Pham+ Bryan Gao

Kevin Zheng +Bryan Gao+ Katelyn Gan+ Victoria Fang+ Ava Ye

Kevin Zheng+Zhian Xu+Kenneth Pham

Zhian+Vivian Lu+Alisha Zhao+Victoria Fang+Ava Ye

讓我們一起祝賀所有入圍得獎的學生,更感謝每位家長對 Kudos 教學的肯定,相信這次比賽已提供孩子一次非常好的觀摩機會與學習經驗,讓我們鼓勵孩子繼續學習,繼續成長,朝未來的領袖之路邁進。

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SCJFL 3rd Quarter Debate Tournament at La Salle High School: »

One-hundred, thirty-six students from eleven schools attended the third quarter SCJFL debate tournament at La Salle High school.
Beautiful Trophies (4)

Beautiful Trophies (5)

In policy debate, Matthew Zhang and George Zhang and Caleb Lee and Eric Gao were tournament co-champions. Both had perfect 4-0 records. Eric was top speaker, with George receiving second speaker and Caleb third.
Policy Team

Eric Gao (2)

In public forum debate, Margaret Li and Nathan Chu were named one of five finalists by virtue of having a 4-1 record. Emma Chen and Nanette Zhang and Lydia Fraser and William Chang were among the ten teams to clear to round five.
Ethan and PF team member

N and M

Nathan Chu and the parents (1)

Emma Chen

William received 4th speaker, Emma 8th speaker, and Lydia 10th.
William Chang

In Lincoln-Douglas (LD) debate, Aaron Zhang was named a finalist by virtue of having a 4-1 record. He was also 7th speaker.
Aaron Zhang 2nd place in LD

Caleb Lee CX w/ Eric 1st
Eric Gao CX w/ Caleb 1st
George Zhang CX w/ Matthew 1st
Matthew Zhang CX w/ George 1st
Eric Gao CX 1st speaker
George Zhang CX 2nd speaker
Caleb Lee CX 3rd speaker
Margaret Li PF w/ Nathan Finalist (top 6)
Nathan Chu PF w/ Margaret Finalist (top 6)
Emma Chen PF w/ Nanette Broke to r5 (top 10)
Nanette Zhang PF w/ Emma Broke to r5 (top 10)
Lydia Fraser PF w/ William Broke to r5 (top 10)
William Chang PF w/ Lydia Broke to r5 (top 10)
Lydia Fraser PF 10th speaker
Emma Chen PF 8th speaker
William Chang PF 4th speaker
Aaron Zhang LD Finalist (top 8)
Aaron Zhang LD 7th speaker

Beautiful Trophies (6)

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(中文) 第三次中學演講辯論聯盟演講比賽 »

Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文.

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USC Damus Spring Trojan Championships: »

One-hundred, fifty-five students from forty-five schools and five states attended the USC Damus Spring Trojan Championships at USC this past weekend.

Thirteen Kudos students were among them—most were middle school students competing in fields of nearly exclusively high school students.

Despite this, Kudos students managed to earn recognition.

In junior varsity Lincoln-Douglas debate, Ethan Chang reached the semifinal round (top 4), and Raymond Mo reached the partial quarterfinal round (top 5). Five other Kudos students finished with three wins or more.

In varsity policy debate, Caleb Lee was ninth place speaker and Eric Gao was tenth place speaker, in a very competitive field.

Ethan Chang Junior Varsity LD Semifinalist (top 4)
Raymond Mo Junior Varsity LD Partial quarters (top 5)
Caleb Lee Varsity CX 9th Speaker
Eric Gao Varsity CX 10th Speaker

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Jannelle Liu won three awards during the first three months of the academic year ~ !!! »

Just after one year’s training in a speech and debate overview course in Kudos Communication Pro class, Jannelle Liu decided to follow her passion in Speech, joined Kudos Speech Team, and went full force into competition in September of 2016.

As a ninth-grader she is now also a member of her high school Speech Club where she got opportunities to hone her skills, too. Before the holiday season came along, she had already won three awards: Second Place in Novice Expository at Cypress College Invitational, Third Place in Novice Informative at Cal State Fullerton fall tournament, and a Finalist trophy from 2016 Bargain Belt in Expository Speaking.

Great showing, Jannelle, keep it up! (Jannelle posed with her proud Kudos teacher, Ms. Green.)

Jannelle with coach-window-final

Jannelle with trophies-2-final

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12/10/16 – Middle School PF Debaters Reach Semifinals in Competition with High School Students in Cypress College Debate Tournament »

220 debaters from thirty schools competed on December 10th at the 2016 Cypress College High School Invitational Tournament.

Twenty-seven Kudos students were among them. Coaches Mr.Perez and Mr. R were present to support our students.


In novice Lincoln-Douglas (LD) debate, ninth grader Jiwon Chae reached the semifinal round (top 4), and seventh grader Ethan Chang reached the quarterfinal round (top 8). Ethan was also fourth speaker. In novice Public Forum (PF) debate, the sixth grade team of Margaret Li and Nathan Chu and the eighth grade team of Emma Chen and Nanette Zhang both reached the quarterfinal round (top 8). Nanette was also sixth speaker. Also receiving speaker awards from Kudos were Elise Kwon and Ivan Lin.



This was a very impressive showing for Kudos considering they were competing against high school students.


Congratulations to all Kudos students!

Ethan Chang Novice LD Quarters – Top 8
Ethan Chang Novice LD 4th Speaker
Jiwon Chae Novice LD Semis – Top 4
Margaret Li Novice PF (with Nathan) Quarters – Top 8
Nathan Chu Novice PF (with Margaret) Quarters – Top 8
Elise Kwon Novice PF 9th Speaker
Ivan Lin Novice PF 10th Speaker
Nanette Zhang Novice PF (with Emma) Quarters – Top 8
Emma Chen Novice PF (with Nanette) Quarters – Top 8
Nanette Zhang Novice PF 6th Speaker

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Kudos Won School Of Excellence In Debate 2016 – 5 Years In A Row !!! 2012 ~ 2016 !!! »

In June 2016, Kudos College of Youth Leadership attended the National Middle School Speech and Debate Tournament in Utah with 28 participants and again received excellent results. For the fifth (5th) year in a row, Kudos was awarded the School of Excellence in Debate, an honor only 5 schools receive each year.

According to the Nationals’ published results, Eric Gao and Matthew Zhang defeated 98 competitors to advance to the final eight in Policy Debate, which is rare for 7th graders. Thomas Chon and Alexander Liang advanced to the top 16 in the same event. In Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Purvaja Balaji advanced to the top 16 and Olivia Kaneko to the top 32, among 91 contestants. Helina Zhao and Alex Liu placed in the top 32 among 126 teams in Public Forum. Anabell Xu and Raymond Mo won 4 rounds out of 6, and teams Emma Chen / Nanette Zhang and Aaron Zhang / Aaron Lee both won 3 rounds each.

School of Excellence in Debate Trophy 2016

Kudos Principal Laura Lin said this year’s Nationals hosted a record-breaking 136 schools from 33 states, and the overall strength of the schools preceded previous years. The Kudos team was aided by many parents that volunteered their time and efforts. This enabled the students to perform well.
Coaches Scott Wheeler, Andrew Rothschild and Andrew Perez were top performers back in their respective high school debate teams, and they did an exceptional job guiding the Kudos National team. Ever since the topics were announced for the Nationals on May 1st, they’ve been working tirelessly to prepare students!

6-15-Day One morning (3)



Looking back at Kudos’ tournament history in the past six years, Kudos is one of only two schools that received the School of Excellence in Debate for 5 consecutive years (2012-2016), with the only other one being the hundred-year-old private Harker School in Northern California. In the 136 schools that participated this year, 34 were from California. Kudos earning the distinction of being one of the top schools is a great honor to uphold, and we wish to ride this success into all future tournaments.

final-prepping at Alta High


final-practice meeting

Principal Lin indicated that her goal with Kudos is not to make every student into a competition winner, but to improve every student’s skills in communication, increase his or her confidence, and help them become leaders of tomorrow.

Coach on stage-award

These effective communication and critical thinking skills that are at the core of the Kudos spirit and philosophy, are considered to be so important within the U.S. education system that they have been strongly emphasized in Common Core standards.

final-wheeler with CX LD winners

But the skills did not come easy. Half of all Kudos National Team members have been trained with Kudos since elementary school.


Their skills will help them become strong leaders of tomorrow.

final-Jerry wang

11th grader Jerry Wang achieved a remarkable achievement. He won the Nationals High School division Policy championship this year representing his high school. In 2013, he won the Nationals Middle School division Policy championship representing Kudos. For both championships, he was coached by Kudos Head Coach Scott Wheeler. It is extremely rare for any student to achieve either of these great successes; but Jerry, in winning both championships, is really a Policy Debate legend!

The fall semester registration is ongoing; we welcome all parents to inquire about our class offerings. Tel: 626-286-6889. www.KudosEducation.com

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5/28/2016 Orator’s Cup Elementary Speech and Debate tournament »

Orator’s Cup III Elementary Tournament May 28th, 2016

The competition was fierce, 10 schools and 112 students competed in the Orator’s cup on May 28th, 2016. It was the first elementary speech tournament that all Kudos Level 2 Advanced Class students from 3 campuses participated in this semester. It was a great opportunity for students to practice and warm up and also an excellent chance for them to learn tournament formats and rules.

Kudos participants won two championships and two second places in this important event!

Franklin Zhu from the Kudos Walnut campus took the 1st place in Spontaneous Argumentation (SPAR) debate. SPAR is a highly competitive category because students get the topic on the day of the competition, which requires the competitor to have considerable knowledge of current affairs to do well. In this structured debate, students have to frame an argument in one minute and then react quickly to their opponents’ ideas. This strategy helps students practice using evidence and examples to defend a position.

Franklin won the championship in his first competition, and we congratulate him. Below is a nice picture of Franklin holding his trophy after a long day of 5 solid rounds.
Franklin Zhu 1

From Irvine, Bryan Gao and Katelyn Gan took Impromptu speech 7th and 6th place, respectively.
Kately and Bryan at elementary tournament 5-28-16
Bryan in competition rounds 5-28-16

Konnie Duan, Margaret Li and Carolyn Sun from Temple City were all in the final 10 in Impromptu. Sophie Tao and Henry Xu got 8th and 10th in SPAR respectively.

Kevin Ying and Makenna Wong from the Temple City campus were crowned champions in Duo Interp. Their perfectly-timed and humorous style won audience and judges alike. Selina Ho and Lucas Lim, also from Temple City, won second place.
Two Duo Teams with Coach

Lily Johnson from Temple City was placed 2nd in Storytelling, in her first tournament.

After a long but exciting day that lasted from 8am to 7pm, Kudos would like to say thanks to all the parents who took care of Kudos students, enabling the teachers and coaches to focus on the competition. Although it was a high-paced competition, we know that the lessons students learned were irreplaceable and well worth it!

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